9   Bee Products – from a scientific perspective

ApiScandia congress

Gothenburg, Sweden

Language: Swedish (English on request)




Lecture tour in Northern Sweden




Garden Night at Strömsö

Come meet all the presenters and take part in an inspiring garden night in the lovely gardens of Strömsö.

Vaasa, Finland


I work with several television programmes in the Swedish and Finnish National Televisions, such as Strömsö, The Garden at Strömsö and Herb School. Strömsö is frequently shown in all Nordic countries and sometimes in Germany. Strömsö is a colourful lifestyle magazine offering tips on hobby projects, gardening, cooking and health. I'm the health expert of the programme and present pieces about herbs, health, beauty, foraging and vegetarian food.

Herb School is my own production for the Swedish National Television, presenting various wild medicinal plants and how to use them.


Health and Skin Care from the Beehive

Alexandra De Paoli &

Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen


This is the handbook for learning more about bee products and how to use them for health and skin care.


In the book, Lotta describes how the bees produce honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, bee bread and royal jelly and I write about the health benefits of bee products. Half the book is a recipe collection with lovely recipes for ointments, lip balms, creams, shampoos, soaps and other things you can produce at home. The recipes are clear and easy to follow and several of them are created specifically for this book.


The English version of this book will be released shortly.