I lecture about anything that has to do with medicinal plants. Below you will find a selection of themes, but I also combine themes on request. Or I can write a new lecture to suit your particular group.

Everyday Herbs

Meet our most common wild medicinal plants and learn how to recognize and use them. You will get many tips for simple household remedies and after this lecture you will be able to treat anything from wounds and belly ache to common colds and hair loss.

Garden Medicines

Health from the Beehive

Honey, beeswax, propolis and pollen are wonderfully healing products – straight from the beehive. In this lecture you learn more about the products and how to use them for health and skin care.

Secrets of the Spice Rack

All the spices we use for cooking today have a medicinal origin. Basil stimulates the appetite, rosemary makes you warm, chilli is good for inflammations and caraway seeds counteract flatulence.  Learn from old and almost forgotten knowledge in a colourful and fragrant lecture!

Ever since the Middle Ages we have grown medicinal plants in our gardens. Join an exciting journey into the flower beds and see what's hiding among perennials, herbs and weeds. Here we will find plants for skin care and beauty, stimulating and calming herbs, refreshing infusions and tasty edible weeds.

Wild Edible Plants

Healing Vegetables

What do our most common veggies, fruits and berries actually contain? How can we prepare them to achieve the highest possible nutrition level? In this lecture you'll get lots of tips on cooking vegetables and how to use them as health remedies.

A weed is really just a plant that has ended up in the wrong place. Among the worst weeds we find some of the very best healing plants. In this lecture you'll learn how to use wild plants for skin care, remedies, food and drink. Nettles are good for considerably more than soup and chickweed is actually the best lettuce.

Herbs in History, Myth & Magic

An enchanting lecture about the history and folklore surrounding herbs.  There are numerous interesting, frightening, funny and mystical tales about plants. Meet the amorous man of the woods, the maiden who lost her maidenhood and learn how to pick mandrakes without dying from horror...