Therapeutic products from the beehive

Lotta and I have written the handbook Health from the hive, an instructive book filled with beautiful pictures and lovely recipes.


I have done a deep dive, reading hundreds of research articles about bee products, getting well aquainted with the available science. These articles have been the used as sources for a number of articles of my own, which are currently being translated into English and will be published below shortly. For now, I can offer the links to the Swedish versions in case someone wants to give them a go using google translate.

Bees produce much more than honey in their hives. They collect pollen and propolis, ferment pollen into bee bread and secrete beeswax and royal jelly from internal glands. All the bee products have incredible therapeutic properties and offer interesting potential for the future of medicine.

For a number of years now, I have been working with beekeepers, exploring the production and potential of bee products, i.e. honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, bee bread and royal jelly. The objective is to gather and spread information on bee products to beekeepers, retailers and users.

Along with beekeeping expert Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen I give talks and courses on how to safely produce and use bee products as well as how to use them in natural skin care products. We offer seminars, talks and courses both live and online, separetely or together.

Would you like to learn how to safely produce and use bee products? Send me an email with an enquiry, or book a talk or workshop!